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23: My mother is on Facebook

I first discovered Facebook in the spring of 2006. I used the social networking site for about two years before my mother heard about it from some younger friends at her job. It wasn’t long before I received a dreaded e-mail from Facebook, alerting me to the fact that my mother had requested to be my Facebook friend. I had a decision to make: accept it, and subject myself to my mother knowing all of my business, or deny it, and have my mother nagging me all the time about why I didn’t want to be friends. So, much to my disdain, I accepted. Day after day I logged onto Facebook to see dozens of little red notification flags from my mother, commenting on how adorable my pictures are, telling me not to use inappropriate language or asking if that guy I was talking to is my boyfriend. Needless to say, having a parent as a Facebook friend, especially one who doesn’t understand the privacy issues that go along with Facebook if not used with care, is unbearably humiliating. Three years later, we’re still Facebook friends, my mom has gotten the hang of social networking, and only bothers me via Facebook to ask me to take our dogs for a walk.


Blog 6– Let’s do Bonnaroo

        As an aspiring entertainment writer, I am extremely critical of any articles or blogs pertaining to music, television, theatre, etc. I

don’t frequent CNN.com, I’ll more likely be reading about Bob Dylan’s legacy on rollingstone.com, so I was shocked, and excited to

see an article about Bonnaroo, on CNN.com.

        Bonnaroo is a huge music festival in the small city of Manchester, Tennessee. 2011 is the tenth year for the festival, and it gains

more and more notoriety every year, as Stephanie Goldberg tells with this descriptive lead: “Four days, 12 stages, 175 acts, 700 acres of

land — the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is thriving in its tenth year.”

        Feature articles can sometimes bore me to death, but between the talk about the lack of hotels, the gigantic water slide, and Ben &

Jerry’s Bonnaroo ice cream flavor (which I’m dying to try), this informational feature definitely disappoint, especially since there was a

lot of information. Bonnaroo is primarily a music festival, but there is also a focus on arts, food and culture. With a melting pot of creativity

to write about, Goldberg did an excellent job with her organization. She completely covered one topic before transitioning to the next,

leaving me, and most likely every other reader, with a clear picture, and a need to fork up $240 for Bonnaroo 2012.

Blog 4– Audacity

I had absolutely no idea what Audacity was before I downloaded it. Had this not been for an assignment, I more than likely wouldn’t have downloaded it, and I was still somewhat skeptical. The downloading process was exceptionally fast, and easy, as I used Mac OS X. I’m not very familiar with audio software, I have GarageBand on my computer, but I have no clue how to use it. Audacity is slightly over my head as well, but I could manage to navigate it and do some basic maneuvers. The one thing I loved about Audacity is that it allowed me to record from my computer. What I mean by that is if I was watching a YouTube video, and I wanted to take a clip of it, GarageBand doesn’t give me the capability to do that, but Audacity does. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of voice recording, however. If I, or anyone else spoke into my computer speakers, and I played that back on Audacity, it was inaudible. Overall, is it a good program? Yes, but maybe not for professional use. Will I use it again? Probably not, but you never know.

EC blog #5- Ryan James Yezak


Ryan James Yezak is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. He has done several music videos which are widely considered “parodies” just because there are notable songs in these videos. I think that because of the music he uses, mostly from pop singers Katy Perry and Ke$ha, he is adding to their highly creative personalities, not making fun on them. The videos usually feature the same young men, a small group of professional dancers, who are gay… which goes without saying if you’ve viewed the videos. I posted one of them above. The song is Katy Perry’s “Peacock” from her latest album “Teenage Dream.” Though not sexually explicit, the video is highly suggestive and risque, and you must be at least 18 years old, with a Youtube account to view it.

Katy Perry doesn’t have an official video for “Peacock,” but if she did, its safe to say that the idea of her showcasing gay men in purple speedos and peacock feathers isn’t far fetched.

EC blog #4-Wordpress polls

I just used the WordPress “poll” tool for the first time. I liked it a lot. I think all blogs should give their bloggers the opportunity to express themselves through things other than just text. Most sites allow you to embed photos and an occasional video, but I’ve never seen polls before. I’ll be using that tool very frequently. The first poll I created was called “Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty?” I’ve been following the trial closely, as I know most everyone in Florida is, as well as around the nation. I have my thoughts about what the verdict should be, and what it will be, but I want to hear from other people.

Whether the topic is something slightly controversial (like mine may be), or a poll like “What’s your favorite pizza topping?” I think this is an absolutely fantastic tool for bloggers of any age, in any area of the world.

Judge Perry has the final say, but what do YOU think?

EC blog #3-Roobo69 and Notyourtypicalgirl… the good, the bad, and the boring.

The blogging site I’m most familiar with is Tumblr, where slues of adolescents rant about their angst, but I came across a gem on the front page of WordPress. Roobo69.wordpress.com is the blog of a 42 year old man who has lived in South Africa and Madagascar, had his own business, and was previously the editor of a daily paper! What pulled me into clicking on his blog was a post featured on the front page, called “Cars as Canvas.” I’m taking an art class right now, so naturally I would pick a blog about painting. Not only is he a gifted writer, but Roobo69 is also a wonderful photographer. His post was mostly photographs of high school kids hand painting images on cars at a mall, that would later be entered into a contest.

The second blog I visited was Notyourtypicalgirl.wordpress.com. I originally found the blog when I saw a post titled “So I was on a plane to Florida…,” which I thought I would take a peek at, because, well, I’m from Florida. The post was mediocre, at best. Not that the topic wasn’t interesting, Notyourtypicalgirl just did a terrible job at keeping my attention. It isn’t that Notyourtypicalgirl isn’t a good writer. She isn’t that bad, it was just so painstaking to make my way through that post. I then decided to read Notyourtypicalgirl’s about me, and I wasn’t impressed. That was even more dull than the other post. I was really let down at the level of blandness. Notyourtypicalgirl is definitely no Roobo69.

EC blog #1

My name is Emily Duren, and I am a full time sophomore at Hillsborough Community College studying mass communications in the Honors Institute. When I’m not at school, I can be found at Starbucks with my friends, or painting in a park. After I graduate next spring, I will pursue a bachelor of fine arts in photography, as well as a bachelor of arts in journalism at Columbia College Chicago. I graduated from Spoto high school in June 2010, as a section editor of the yearbook, while also interning as a writer, photographer and student editor at the St. Petersburg Times. I started my own photography business in December of 2009, and when I’m not working there, I’m a part time nanny and tutor for an 8 year old boy. In order to expand my photography business, I have been working toward becoming a certified make up artist, which will happen this July. I don’t know where my career will take me, but I know it involves journalism.

My experience behind a camera- Blog #3

As I mentioned in my introduction, I own a photography business. I got my first professional grade camera in December of 2009, a Nikon D3000. I was so used to always having a digital camera, that I didn’t know how lucky I was to be a photographer of this century. Last spring, I took a photography class for my mass communications major, and we had to use 50 millimeter, film cameras, with manual settings. I had seen film before, and I knew they developed it at drug stores, but I had never used it. Even as a professional, I felt as though I should have been wearing a dunce cap to class. I got acquainted with the darkroom and using the chemicals, and I soon felt more triumphant developing a photo by hand, than I ever did by inserting a memory card into my computer. Obviously, I still use my digital camera for practicality, but I have a newfound love for film, and I’m so happy to have learned that there is more to photography than JPEGs.

Article #1 reflection

I had a really wonderful experience while interviewing Kim Denning. I was nervous at first, because I thought that interviewing a crocheter might not be the most interesting topic for an article, but I was soon proven wrong. After working in a string of office her entire adult life, Denning left the corporate world at 43 years old, to make her dreams come true. I think some questions that helped my article a lot, were the ones about Denning’s background. No one wants to read a story about someone accomplishing a pretty common dream (making money off of something you love), with out find out how that person got there. When Denning told me she was taught to crochet 36 years ago by her grandmother, I knew I had a gem of a story, as well as an angle. It was a really enlightening experience, and though my entire life I’ve been told that it is never too late to achieve your dreams, I actually got to meet someone who did it.